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Feb. 20th, 2009

Orihime 2


Karakura, Evening, Orihime's Flat (And After)

Orihime had just finished serving supper. Sadly, she had not had all the ingredients that she'd have liked to make a meal worthy of Ukitake-san, but she'd done her best!

She was sure that he'd been impressed by the scope of what she'd managed to serve up.

"Kurosaki-kun should be here any minute," she chirped. "Would you like anything more to eat or drink, Ukitake-san?"

Nov. 24th, 2008

Yamamoto 2


Admin: No Longer Played

We regret to state that the players of Ise Nanao and Matsumoto Rangiku have both resigned their characters. We wish them good fortune and thank them for their contributions to the game.

In other notes, the game is still continuing.


Incursion: Karakura: Park

Chad and Ishida are busy seeing off some minor Hollows around a Hole. Or rather, Chad is the one actually doing the blasting. Ishida is just standing there and pointing and yelling.

Seems to be working, though. The last remaining Hollow goes up in a poof of reiatsu, leaving the place normal except for the Hole still hanging in the air. (And a degree of property damage, but omelettes, breaking eggs, etc.)

Sep. 25th, 2008

Kanzeon Bosatsu


OOC Note: Your Mods Are AFK

A quick note to say that both summer_queen and I are going to be at Yaoicon for the next few days, so the odds are against us posting anything. After that, I'm on holiday but will have computer access, so should be able to respond to play, if a little slowly.

Thank you all for your understanding!

Sep. 8th, 2008



Incursion: Karakura: Vegetable Market

A smaller Hole hangs in the air, a bruise on the substance of reality, with a bit of extra metaphorical bleeding.

A raffish-looking figure in white with blue hair is poking around lazily, a taller, larger figure behind him. Both have half-masks.

Shoppers are drifting away rapidly; even if they can't see the Hollows or Arrancar (as yet), there is still the feeling that something is wrong.
Hueco Mundo


Karakura: Incursion: Main Site, Warehouse District

There is a large Hole hanging in the air like a rip in the trousers hakama of reality.

There is a battered figure in black stumbling through it.

There are a number of figures in white coming after him.

Sep. 2nd, 2008

Hueco Mundo


Karakura - BOOM

A major incursion from Hueco Mundo has just occurred in Karakura.

There is a Main Site, and a number of Minor Incursions (for those of you who have more than one character, or want to poke around in case Aizen's slipping something through under cover of this possible diversion.)

Anyone who is in Karakura, on their way to Karakura, or could plausibly be told by alert that something is going on in Karakura and decide to investigate, can show up.

The Main Site is a warehouse/industrial area. Three of the Minor Sites (for those who want to check those out) are a playground, a vegetable market, and the top of a block of flats.

Any questions, please ask.

Aug. 20th, 2008

Shuuhei 2


Note To Rangiku From Hisagi

(The following note arrives at Tenth Division, addressed to Rangiku.)


I've just found out that Ukitake-taichou's gone to Karakura on some sort of scouting trip and he may be there a while. I can't leave the Division at the moment to go to Karakura, but can you get leave from your Captain? Or do you think it'd be better to wait to talk to him till he gets back?

Hisagi Shuuhei.

Jul. 1st, 2008



Karakura -- Jyuushiro's Look Into the Living World

Jyuushiro gets all the paperwork to have Rukia tested and seated in the Thirteenth and turns it into all the right places with all the right signatures and all the smiles that he can summon to get it on its way. He puts in all the applications to the right places for a week long stay in the living world and when the approvals come back, he does the proper things.

He gets and packs various things for his trip. He gets the limiter tattoo, a summer snowflake, on the inside of his left upper arm. It's a little more painful that way, but he's not that adverse to the pain, he'd rather be able to see it if he needs to and not have others see it too easily. It takes Jyuushiro a little while to get used the limitations on his powers, though it's kind of nice, too, in that he doesn't have to hold in his reiatsu to not have people shaken as he passes by.

He knows fashions have changed since he last stepped into the living world; but he's always liked the gray, striped suit. He wears it conservatively, with tie and handkerchief, and saddleback loafers, pearl cuff links, and dove gray silk shirt. He decided to go shopping for a few more casual things once he gets there, and will probably look for an hotel room or apartment he can rent for a week, first.

[This threads open to anyone that wants to interact]
Yamamoto 2


Recent Bleach flashback - canon

For general information: the events that took place in the recent flashback in the Bleach manga (involving Urahara, Aizen, and the people who became Vizards) are considered canon for the game.

(However, the Vizards have wandered off and nobody knows where they are.)

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